Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Last night I took 3 buses to get to my parents' house. Let me just add that the trip from my office to their home is only supposed to consist of ONE bus. One.
At the station, it announced that the K was coming in 4 minutes. Well, it came. It even said "K Ingleside" on the front and sides of the train. I boarded.
We shot out the tunnel at West Portal and chugged our way along to St. Francis Circle. Then the bus driver stopped abruptly and announced that this was the last stop, the K had become a shuttle, and to wait for the actual K to arrive.

Thanks alot.

I waited. I waited in my heels. I waited in the fog. No K. By this time it's already 6:00pm. It had taken me an hour to get from the Civic Center to St. Francis Circle. Oh, then the M came along! So I boarded that. I thought i'd get off at Stonestown and transfer to the 29.
I stepped off at 19th and Winston.. To my horror, I saw the 29 already pull up to the stop.
Great. Now there won't be another one for at least 30 minutes! I have dinner at 7pm! I called my brother to see if he was able to pick me up - no dice. THANKFULLY ANOTHER 29 SHOT PAST THE NORDSTROM SIGN AND ARRIVED.
Good job Muni. Thanks. I salute you.

But while riding the M...

Muni is your personal compost bin. We are all just the shit decaying in it.


A penny for your thoughts - cheaper than riding Muni!