Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Blackberry has a case. It also has a screen protector. From various angles, my screen is blurred and it prevents others from viewing the shittalking i'm spewing to my friends, what's going on in the world as I read the news (or mindless celebrity gossip on www.perezhilton.com only the raddest fucking site on Earth), e-mails i'm replying to, etc. It makes my screen pretty damn dark, so whenever people need to use my phone they're like "what the hell!?"

Riding public transportation has taught me a lot. You see, I take public transportation every weekday. Sometimes, I take it on weekends. I've seen it all on Muni. People bawling their eyes out, picking their noses, scratching their asses, bleeding, masturbating (disturbing eh? not so unusual to me anymore), breastfeeding, on drugs, doing drugs on the bus, drinking booze, etc. I'm pretty sure you get the idea.

One of the greatest things i've learned is to try to stay away from others.
Isolate yourself. I am the lone wolf.

This tactic however, does not apply during commute hours. It gets packed. The bus is jammed. Like a can of sardines to put it plain and simple.

People spill their coffee on you.
People hit you with their purses.
Annoying students continue to wear their backpacks on their backs rather than place it on the floor. As a result, you get bashed in the side or the back everytime the bus jolts.
If you are lucky to have seat, crotches are thrusted into your face every couple minutes or so.
Sometimes you get stuck sitting next to a fat fuck. [entry on this @ later date]
Sometimes you get the young puppy love couples who fucking swap spit like there's no tomorrow tonsil hockey tonguing each other deep throating harder than Debbie doing Dallas never coming up for air.
Sometimes you get the tone deaf girls who insist on singing at loud decibels... Even though they sound like a dying raspy cat exploding with verbal diarrhea.

And sometimes, the nosy cheap bitch behind you decides to read your paper.

Lady, do the fucking economy a favor. Stop being a cheap ass. Support printed publications. Buy your own newspaper.


  1. I hear you - what a cheap ass. She could at least give herself some manual labor and pick up the FREE SF Guardian. WTF.

  2. si. the latest Guardian is about the Frameline movie festival btw. and before you ask, lady s, indeed i did pick it up partially because of the dude on the cover... :-p

    i was so irritated on the 38 this morning. i had a window seat and i purposely slid the window shut because i have a cold, but this old asian chick blatantly reached over me and opened it again! i really wanted to bitch her out but in this case it was important to pick my battle because number one, she was shaking around a water bottle of some weird concoction, and coupled with her old asian-ness indicated that not only would i have not lasted long in an argument with her but she most likely did not have a strict command of english. plus she rode with me all the way downtown and the last thing i wanted was to have hard feelings next to me for a long-ass cross-town ride, so i totally lone wolf'd it and listened to my music pretending she didn't exist or maybe keeled over from swine flu and i didn't notice.


A penny for your thoughts - cheaper than riding Muni!