Monday, June 15, 2009

How to Pass Out out on the Muni....

This will be the first post of many... most will probably be the same involving bums, old people, and the wonderful fragrances they can produce. If you are not a germaphobe the SF Muni will be sure to make you one.

Just imagine a riding the Muni with the fresh summer morning air surrounding your beautiful face. The 43 is a great great bus since it takes you from Inner Sunset through the Haight all the way to the lovely Marina district and everything in between, that is my morning commute. As the bus approaches the last stop in the Haight I notice a monstrous sized seemingly green sleeping bag poke above the bus windows and immediately thought where the hell is the bum going to put that thing? Sure enough he had to pick the area where I was sitting, right next to the backdoor exit, yes the bum stuffed himself in the exit stairway. Uggghhhhhhhhhhhh the stench!!!!!! If it had a color it would be this yellow brown green acid puss bubbling from a decaying elephant. I seriously never smelled anything as horrid as that and attempted to throw up in my mouth a couple times as i sat gagging on the putrid pot of death that the bus suddenly became. The bum slightly redeemed himself after a old haggard Jabba the hut woman with a skin tight white t-shirt(that was slightly see through) got up. He attempted a smart ass comment basically saying that doing a little walk would probably help her fat ass... I chuckled a bit yes. That is a short lesson on how to pass out on the Muni, Happy riding.

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