Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fap Fap Fap?

Ok so this story is from a coworker, and it was just too funny to pass up...

"So here is a one two combo-

Friday morning I hit the San Antonio Caltrain stop to catch the 7.27 train so i can commute an hour and a frickin half to the city to work ( I'm an idiot i know).
I end up waiting 2 hours for a train that the announcer said was delayed because it had an accident with a car.

This destroys my Friday morning commute but is made up when.....
2 and a half hours later, riding the 45 to work at the Presidio, this homeless dude steps on the bus. 4 minutes later I hear the familiar chime of "no eating, drinking and smoking is permitted on Muni vehicles" Homeboy proceeds to announce to the world "No drinking, eating or smoking?????? WELL THEY DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT MASTURBATION!, LADIES AND GENTLEMAN THIS IS THE MASTURBATION BUS!!!"

This is only the beginning as he begins harassing every commuter that crosses his path when the Chinese gentleman driver hollers at him that hes on the wrong bus and to get ... Read Moron another one. He then shuts up knowing hes about to get kicked off, only to start throwing the peace sign and screaming i love you to everyone as he gets off at his stop. While on the bus i can hear him getting more excited and screaming "i love you's" to the entire Chinatown as he enters a dim sum place.
I was always under the impression that people in the bay were more intellectual."

Thanks to Jai =) Time to get the new Iphone so I can post videos when things like this pop up.

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